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Worms on fire

 Mark 9:44 "where 'Their worm does not die, And the fire is not quenched.' … 

Mark 9:46 "where 'Their worm does not die, And the fire is not quenched.' … 

Mark 9:48 "where 'Their worm does not die, And the fire is not quenched.'

        Last time, we discussed the verses in between these presented here. In those verses, we noted that they directed us to remove the authority of body parts to commit sin in our lives. These verses, however, offer a bit more depth into that subject. For if we accept the notion presented by the last email wherein we learn that we must remove authority from certain parts in order to experience the fullness of Zoë life; and we must remove the division in our eyes that we might manifest the kingdom of God more fully, then here we see the results of not submitting to that directive. The above verses reveal to us that Sheol- Hell- is a place that is not without God. I am aware that statement might seem ludicrous but even the Psalmist said that if he were to make his bed in Sheol, the Lord would be there. {Psalm 139:8} These verses further implicate their truth.

    To begin,  let us dissect the verses semantically. Notice each of these verses say, “their worm” and “the fire”. Each of these phrases is unique and exact in its implication. “Their” refers to the dead bodies because according to the Greek definition, these specific worms are  worms that eat dead bodies. I would like to suggest that we think of “dead bodies” here as bodies without life in a metaphoric sense. What I mean by that is that no actual physical body is in Hell at the moment nor has ever been. No, what inhabits both heaven and hell are spirits of humans that have departed from their physical bodies. Thus, how could a worm -an actual worm consume a spirit? Answer? It couldn’t Thus, both the worm and the body here referred to are spiritual in nature. What these statements render then is the concept that if we continue to allow our body parts to sin, then as we live our soul  will be consumed more and more by “dead flesh” eating worms. ie: they will hinder our minds, wills, and emotions from enjoying the Zoë life. As well, once we die, we will be aware of the wrong choice we made and will desperately live with the regret that there is nothing more we can do to help ourselves. {See Luke 16} 

    Now, for “the” fire. By reason of the fact that the word “the” is used to describe this fire, it is understood that there is a specific fire to which this statement refers- as opposed to just any fire. This fire is an exact fire and has an exact purpose.

“The fire” seems to referent to an everlasting fire that exists both as the word of God- ie. out of His mouth or out of the mouths of any of those with His authority to use it and as a substance that purifies at a constant rate. This fire is never quenched and proceeds from the mouth of God, is collected in censors and distributed by angels, and is in abundance in hell according to the Revelation. The sole purpose of this fire is to elicit dross from those to whom it is sent or from those who are sent to it. Basically, it can be used to melt any impure or ungodly heart condition that has led to evil or wicked actions or words. It will burn until which time that the devil and his false prophet are cast into the lake of fire- which of course is the lake for permanent housing of the wicked one. This fire is what tells us first that God is in Sheol, and second that it will exist forevermore in order to purify the hearts of the creation of God. 

    When we unify all of Mark 9:43-48, we gain the clear and distinct understanding that if we continue to allow our body parts the authority to sin and we do not make our eye singularly focused, then we will not be able to experience the Zoë life nor the kingdom of God on this earth. As well, we will, more and more have the sensation of the soul being distanced further and further from the Spirit of the Living God while at the same time perceive the heat that is attempting to rid us of all the ungodliness we are engaged in. 

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