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Which sin destroys the most?

Proverbs 1:32-33

“For the turning away of the simple will slay them. And the complacency of fools will destroy them.”

    What strikes me here is that it is not a particular sin that destroys people. In other words the text does not say for instance…”it is the adultery or the lying of the righteous that will slay them.” It says that what takes people out is what they least expect, turning away and complacency!!! A simple-minded human looks for what works without examining why it works or taking the time to understand cause and effect. They just want results…now…. no matter what. Therefore when they believe the word of God and make a stand upon it and then face opposition because of the Word, they are likely to turn away because they do not immediately see the result. They will not, however, take the time to examine the cause of the lack of result because they are ignorant and simple minded. It is wiser, then, to examine why an answer manifests and why it does not and thus move forward from an informed position. If one can be so easily shaken from the Word of God, one makes himself easy prey for the mouth of the wicked one. 

    Additionally, we see a rampant wave of complacency in the church today. This complacency is veiled under the teaching that God is sovereign and that everything that happens is His will and His doing and therefore not up to humans. This is a lie from the pit of hell meant to destroy the life of the church! God has given us, humans, the authority on this earth and He moves through us to accomplish his will. Otherwise why would there be any unsaved people? Why would He have said that it is He who moves in us both it will and to do for His good pleasure? Why would Jesus have sent out His disciples and us to make disciples? After all, He is God right, He can raise up children and followers from rocks if need be…isn’t that so? Yes it is indeed so, but God designed the system to work with and through people. Period. And the deception that one need not do anything more than believe Jesus but not act on that belief is complacency and it will destroy those who foolishly employ it!

            It is not a particular sin that destroys a person, it is the fact that they become complacent and turn away from the Lord and His direction that opens the door to let the sin in …This is it’s root.

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