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What are you saving?

Proverbs 10:14- 

    “Wise store up knowledge, but the mouth of the foolish near destruction

What would the purpose be of storing up a certain thing? So that it could be utilized at some point in the future when it is needed correct? Those who are wise, store up knowledge so that they have the knowledge they need when they need it…. it is therefore useful to them  because of its manifestation and application. From this verse I have removed two words that were italicized to indicate that they were not in the original text and thus the meaning of the verse becomes richer and more pointed. The opposition to the wise storing up knowledge is now more evident…. it is the fool who stores up destruction. It is a slightly complex notion to comprehend, but the thought is that it is with his mouth, that the fool stores up for himself destruction by acquainting himself with it to such an extent that destruction becomes as close as a family member.  Death and life are in the power of the tongue, so it follows that the method by which knowledge or destruction are stored for later use in the life of the human is speech. As my Savior said- it is not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out. For out of the heart the mouth speaks and out of the mouth proceed murders, adulteries, fornication, etc. This defiles a man. Furthermore, faith- in anything- comes by hearing…. if we hear that we are fat, we speak that we are fat and thus create we are fat in our lives. If we hear we are beautiful, we speak we are beautiful, and thus we create we are beautiful in our lives. We are, in this sense what we hear. When teaching a subject matter, it is very rare that the teacher must memorize or take notes upon what they have taught after they have spoken it because they have heard it themselves and therefore ingested it into themselves. They have stored it up. The mouth of the fool continually speaks of the destruction that is prominent in the lives and world around them, and if there is none immediately to speak of, they conjure up with their mouths what could have happened or what wicked thing might still happen. This is foolish and makes destruction relatable to the human condition …. this must not be. It is in this way that the fool stores up destruction. Let it not be among you beloved, beware that you are not storing up destruction with your mouth, instead store up knowledge to combat destruction.

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