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Unction, Unction what's your function?

        1 John 2:20

        "20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you know all things.”

  The word translated here as “anointing” is translated in the King James Version as “unction”. For some reason, all of my life I had believed that the word unction referred to a deep desire or emotional propulsion to do something. Like a driving force that pushed a person into an action. If that were the meaning, then our study verse would mean that we have a “drive” from the Holy One, but the second half of the verse would take manipulation to understand in context. However, etymologically the word unction is an ointment or an oil. This definition changes the landscape and implications of 1 John 2:20 entirely. 

    Therefore, the verse could be re-stated to read “…you have an ointment from the Holy One, and you know all things.” This translation is of course closer to the actual verse quoted here which was derived from the New King James version. It makes more sense to our natural minds, however, to utilize the term “ointment” because that is a tangible substance. It helps us to understand that there is a specific tool that must be used in order to “know” all things… that tool is the ointment from the Holy One. 

    I had a dream once that I was younger, and I loved in a small town. The kind with a town square and in Thomas Kincaid paintings. One day two angels came down and landed in the town square and were holding “sign-ups” to join the army of God. I jumped at the chance to join and went down straight away. When I arrived, one angel was sitting behind the sign-up table and the other was standing next to it. I asked to join and the one behind the table told me I needed to grow up a little, so he sent me over to the angel standing next to the table. That angel took me and smeared ointment on my eyes. This was a dream remember! I then opened my eyes in the dream with the ointment on them and my vision was better than perfect. It was like when you wear those yellow sunglasses that make everything sharper. When I woke up and started reading my Bible, I had more understanding of it than I ever had in the past, and this understanding has continued. 

    This is what an unction from the Holy One means. It is the ointment that God gives us that acts like a tool to open our understanding of all things. If you have not received this yet, please do not hesitate. It is there for the asking -so ask of the Father who gives to all liberally!

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