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Turn on the light

Proverbs 23:19

          “The way of the wicked is like darkness, they do not know what makes them stumble.”

This verse clearly stated that it is the way of the wicked that is like darkness. Meaning it is the way they do things, the places they go, and the situations they allow themselves to be in. By contrast, the way of the upright is to know what makes us stumble. We are and should be made aware of our triggers, faults, and challenges that affect our lives in anyway. It is God’s will to make these known to us so that we may grow thereby and walk ever more complete and perfect in our salvation. He wants us to know what makes us stumble so that we can dig up the roots thereof and so that we can be ready when the devil comes at us during that next “opportune time.” If you do not know what makes you stumble... ask the Lord. However beware that once you know, you are responsible for doing something about it. Of course you cannot on your own solely eradicate your stumbling blocks out of your life, therefore, you must rely on the Lord with your whole heart, lean not on your understanding and He will direct your path. The way to do this is to pray and ask God to show you through His word verses that will illuminate for you where you tend to miss it. It is the entrance of His word that gives light so when His word actually enters your heart by your accepting it, then what is in your heart will be so clear and bright you will know exactly where to dig!!

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