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To be strong

Proverbs 24:5

"A wise man is strong. Yes, a man of knowledge increases strength."

In our current culture, strength is not something that is revered, at least not physical strength. Currently to allow oneself to become physically "soft" is perfectly acceptable and so too is its ensuing companion of laziness. This notion of weakness has its origin in emotional "softness." It is now a culturally accepted state that prefers humans to utilize counseling, medicating, and self-medicating instead of learning to be strong in the way of the Lord. This verse and the translation of the word "strong" contextually and directly define the word as being strong in every area of one's life. As well, it is displayed here as a state of being. As if having wisdom simply makes one strong apart from an abundance of physical activity. To fully abide in the presence of God will not only develop wisdom but actual, physical strength in a human. The perfect will of God then would be to be physically, emotionally, spiritually strong as it is written, "Bodily exercise profits a little, but Godliness is profitable unto all things." 

     The second half of the verse teaches that if a one is a person of knowledge, then they will increase strength. It implies that there is a natural progression to becoming strong the more a person knows. That is not to say, though, that just having a high IQ will make a person strong or that that person will want to become strong in anyway. This knowledge is very specific and refers only to knowledge gained by a relationship with the Holy One. This type of knowledge simply put is godliness and is not to be discounted as an esoteric and meek impossibility. No- it is the type of godliness that gave Daniel and his companions "knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom.”

    It is any type of strength, whether physical or otherwise that is given to a person in the exact moment they need it. It is derived from their relationship with the Holy One and therefore is supernatural and unexplainable by the scientific mind. To gain strength of body, mind, emotions, one need not spend countless horse in the gym, library or counselor’s office, but in the presence of the Almighty; studying His word, asking questions, worshiping and most importantly believing! 

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