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The spirit of seduction

Proverbs 7:10, 15-18, 21 {NKJV}

                     10 And there a woman met him, [With] the attire of a harlot, and a crafty heart. ... 15 So I came out to meet you, Diligently to seek your face, And I have found you. 16 I have spread my bed with tapestry, Colored coverings of Egyptian linen. 17 I have perfumed my bed With myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon. 18 Come, let us take our fill of love until morning; Let us delight ourselves with love. ... 21 With her enticing speech she caused him to yield, With her flattering lips she seduced him.

The entire chapter of Proverbs 7 is written to protect a man from a seductress. This chapter can be examined and applied in several ways. However the first is a mindset that is veiled under caution, that most people do not see, yet it is just as valuable as the other applications of this chapter.

As I have often said, most women are taught how to attract a man, but most are not taught how to keep a husband. My husband disagrees with me on this point because, he says, most women are not interested in keeping a husband, for if they were, their behavior would be different. Since his argument, I have seen my own opinion develop into a fuller, and well-rounded one. 

    As stated above, Proverbs 7 is speaking of adultery. Although on the surface the warning against adultery given therein is toward a man having a sexual, adulterous, affair with a woman {who is the seductress}, this chapter can also be applied to a woman having a sexual, adulterous affair with a man who is the seducer. It goes without saying that it can also be used to guard one against seeking other God’s but that is not the application I wish to discuss at present. 

    I have known a great many men in my life. No two have been the same, but there is one common theme that I have seen from them all… they all want to be married and when they get married, they want it to be for life. This is precisely the reason that some of them fail to get married. I know that seems counter-intuitive but hear me out. All of the men that I know have a deep desire to have a wife that will love them, never stray, take care of them, make them feel good about themselves, make them happy and be a blessing to them in general. In reality, who wouldn’t want that male or female? This is not what we usually get when we get married. Usually we get the worst in people, and that is one reason that the seducing spirit can enter. 

    What happens is that prior to marriage, most people “put their best foot forward.” This is done in an effort to obtain favor, love, affection, and attraction from the other person. When the other person commits to these actions in the form of marriage, then both people feel comfortable. Both of  them stop “trying” as it were. There are many men who walk around in the same clothes for days and days or who fail to shower and spend their time watching TV or on social media instead of paying attention to their wives. Likewise there are women who do not keep up their appearance when they are married and who nag and gripe at their husbands all day. Neither person is right, and neither person is doing what they should do for the sakes of their marriages. 

    This is where and how the seducing spirit enters. Think about this in terms of Proverbs 7… just think if we looked at the actions that the seducing spirit takes to draw the person out and imitated those actions in our marriages. These actions obviously work if God is warning us against them. What if, from a Godly heart and perspective we implemented what worked to draw our spouse to us throughout the course of our marriages? What then? Where would the seducing spirit be then? Answer- attempting to find another route. God says in the first five verses and the last four verses of Proverbs 7 that the way away from the clutches of the seducer is to listen to the wisdom that He provides. We are to listen to, heed, and apply our hearts and lives to the wisdom that God Himself provides us as a stronghold against the seducing spirit. This is what will keep us from being seduced, not our strength. However, on a very superficial level, we can see that the physical actions of the seducing spirit speak to the flesh of the seduced and therefore cannot be discounted as ineffective. The end of the matter is this- if we are in a marital relationship, it would be wise for us to go to God for instructions on how we can remain physically, intimately, and emotionally attractive to our spouses that we might, in this way and in this instance disarm the seducing spirit.  

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