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The only way out

Proverbs 14:27-

"27 The fear of the LORD [is] a fountain of life, To turn [one] away from the snares of death.”

The fountain of life is, in this age the Word of God on the inside of us. This Word can be composed of the written word of the Bible or it can be the Word that God speaks to the individual in their specific situation. If it is comprised of the latter, it will never contradict the Spirit of the former. Furthermore, in the age of the new Heaven and the new Earth, this Fountain of Life is an actual, physical river according to our Lord Jesus Christ in the book of the Revelation. 

    In addition, having the fear of the Lord should and will manifest in obedience to the Lord and His direction, whether that direction be written in the Scriptures or whether it be spoken to the heart of the believer. The fountain of life is always on and it functions like a spigot. The more the believer obeys what they hear and read, the wider the spigot opens. The less that they obey what they hear and read, the more closed off it becomes. As water is essential to sustain life, so the Word of God is essential to sustain life. 

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