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The older serves the younger

Romans 9:12- 

“It was said to her, ’The older shall serve the younger,’”

    This is a reference to what was spoken to Rebekah concerning Jacob and Esau. But the Lord revealed to me that this statement, and subsequently what happened with the boys, was prophetically revealing the way of the Law of Moses and the Law of Liberty. ie: The Old Testament vs the New.  In this statement, Jesus says so much. But to me He revealed that  one of this statement’s deeper, more esoteric meanings is that the Law of Moses is the “older” and that the Law of Liberty is the “younger”. The way in which the law of Moses “serves” the law of liberty, is that it brings believers in. It is a tutor to drive believers to the arms of Jesus, a tutor to inform them that they cannot achieve righteousness on their own. This causes the law of Moses to “serve” the law of liberty. This word “serve” also means to be in bondage to as a slave. In these terms, it is then understood that the Old Testament law is always in bondage as a slave and is therefore “less than” the New Testament law of liberty in terms of authority and efficacy in righteousness. I encourage you to approach the Lord and ask Him to reveal how and where this same principle is true in other portions of the Bible. For instance, God further revealed that this same prophetic metaphor is true when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the colt of the donkey. A female donkey with a baby has to be led in order for the baby to go anywhere because the baby will just follow its mother no matter what. Thus, the older donkey served the younger by leading the way into Jerusalem. As well, in a more spiritual context, Adam served Jesus as the older serving the younger. Adam - the flesh is always in bondage to the Spirit- Jesus. 

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