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Swift punishment

Ecclesiastes 8:11

  “Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set to do evil.”

Here is one of the least known and used verses in the Bible. It is also one of the most adroit verses in the Bible. If one is to meditate on this verse, they will understand why it is imperative that evil works are handled quickly and completely. For instance, let us say there is a little child who loves to steal cookies from the cookie jar. One day the child’s mother is in the other room and the child attempts to steal a cookie without its mother hearing the jar clanging. This day, the child accomplishes its goal and is able to stealthily snatch the cookie. The next day the same opportunity arises, and the child determines to obtain another sweet treat. However this time the child says in its heart that since it got away with procuring one cookie the day before, today they will attempt to acquire two. Again they are not caught nor punished by their mother and so as the days go on, they become more brazen and bold in their thievery. Let us retell the story from the beginning. Let us say this same child, on the first day goes to the cookie jar and it clings and clangs a bit. The mother’s attention is raised, and she goes to assess the situation. The child literally is caught with their hand in the cookie jar! Then the mother scolds the child and removes the jar from their reach. This child in their heart will now begin to believe that they are not able to “get away” with anything and therefore ceases attempting to violate the rules.

    This is what this verse teaches us. The more we get away with the more we will attempt to get away with until such a time that our hearts have no more regard for rules, laws, ordinances or authority. If we use this verse to influence our opinions of the riots and uncontrolled violence we are now in, we will learn that to sit idly by and do nothing will enable the wicked one to further provoke the hearts of men to become fully set to do evil.

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