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Simplicity is complacency

Proverbs 14:18

 “The simple inherit folly, but the prudent are crowned with knowledge."

        The word for “simple” here is the Hebrew word #6612- “pĕthiy

It can of course mean simple, but the real implication is foolish and open-minded! When we think in terms of an inheritance, we think of something passed down from one generation to the next without the recipient generation doing anything to gain the inheritance. That is exactly the notion conveyed here. Those who are foolishly open minded, who will accept any wind of doctrine, or any moral standard don’t have to work at receiving more and more folly, for they inherit it. Folly therefore becomes their possession, what they are known for and what their lives are constructed around. I have, in my life, known people who fit this description; and before I allowed the same mind that was in Christ Jesus to be in me, I was one of these people. At that time in my life, it seemed as though other people my age were experiencing less drama or immature encounters. I couldn’t get away from the drama and the wrong decisions. Decisions that I made all seemed to be those similar to what a teen or young adult would make. I lost all of my God given mind it appeared. I did not understand then what happened. Then, when I decided that I agreed with God, that He had given me the mind of Christ, I made a prudent decision. At once the mind Christ that was already implanted in me began to permeate my natural mind and little by little, the drama and folly ebbed away only to be replaced by sound wisdom and peace. 

    The concept of being “crowned” in this verse implies more than our visions of crowns simply placed on the head. No it is much more pervasive an idea than that. It entails the prudent being environed with knowledge. Everywhere they turn, they know what the right step is and so their decisions are solidly based on and representative of the word of God. Furthermore, the term “crowned’ here, as it is translated here in context is a verb. It connotes the action of one upon another. It can be pictured as God actually “crowning” the prudent as a result of their decision to allow the mind Christ to exude from themselves. It is a result of a choice whereas the inheritance of the simple appears to be a result of complacency. Finally, to avoid the drama and folly, one need only to choose to close their minds to anything that is not God’s word. “If it doesn’t agree, it’s not for me!" 

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