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Scripture must be fulfilled!

Proverbs 16:10

  “Divination is on the lips of the king…”

When reading this verse, one is immediately taken aback due to the word “divination”. As Christians, this term has a very negative connotation. Although the root word certainly implies that, it can also be used in a “good sense” and is specifically defined to do so here in Proverbs 16:10. First, we know that Jesus is the King of Kings - so, although this verse, in the moment it was penned,  was referring to the king that was physically before the people of God, it also speaks about “THE KING.” {ie. Jesus}. When we think of Jesus speaking, it may be a hard pill to swallow that out of His mouth would come “divinations” therefore, I will utilize the original King James rendition of this word instead- “divine sentence.” Thus, it is much easier for us to comprehend that Jesus, both prior to his first advent and during His time physically on the earth, spoke divine sentences whenever He uttered a word! Take for example the fig tree in Mark 11:14. Jesus sentenced that tree to wither and die. Or what about all of the times He said, “Let it be unto you as you have believed”? They don’t seem like sentences, but they are. In fact if you know anything about the American justice system, you know that once a judge has passed down a sentence, it literally takes an act of a higher court to overturn it and even then, the chances of that are so rare that most condemned people never even try. No imagine if there was no court of appeals, what if every sentence ever passed, right or wrong had to be carried out fully and there was never, ever, ever and opportunity to change it?! Wouldn’t that be terrible? What if the conviction was wrong and the person was actually innocent? Then what? Well I have said all of this to set you up. This is not actually our subject itself, merely an illustration of our subject. Our subject is the divine sentence of kings! 

    If you read the book of Esther, you will learn that once the Persian King Xerxes decreed a law, there was nothing that could be done against it to remove it. The only remedy was to make a new law that countered the effects of the original law. I present to you that this is an exact and precise picture of the world we live in today!!! What? Is that right? Let’s look at it in terms of practicality.

    Revelation 1:6 and 5:10 alert us to the fact that Jesus has made us kings and priests unto God. What that means is that we are kings and priests - who work for {or rather with} God. Therefore, if we allow the Bible to define the Bible, then we see that there is authority that is allowed by God to be given to anyone who has the title of “king”. In modern day, this would translate to anyone who has authority to make laws or judgments concerning people. {Notwithstanding, God Himself DOES NOT personally appoint every authority figure ever known to man from the dawn of creation from the highest king to the father in a household. What He does is allow anyone with these positions to have authority over His creation.} Further, it is a fact that as the kings and priests of the living God, we have access to the highest level of clearance and authority that there is on the earth- that is, the name of Jesus. It probably sounds cliché’ at this point but it is actually true. 

    The Word says in Proverbs 18:21 that death and life are in the power of the tongue. If we are made in the image of God, and we are, and if we are indwell by the Holy Spirit, and we are, and if we have the mind of Christ, and we do, then when we speak, creation itself responds to exactly what we say, exactly how we say it!!!! 

    The precise point I am trying to make is that when a person who does not know God speaks they have what they say - to an extent. When a New Creation speaks, they have EXACTLY what they say. Although we do not use our lives to define the Bible, we can use the concepts presented in the Bible to understand what we have experienced in our lives. Hence, look at how many people who don’t know God run their mouths and speak blasphemous things over their lives and yet, it seems that nothing they say that is negative comes to pass. Why is that? The easy answer is that they are not a threat to the kingdom of darkness and so they are generally left alone by the kingdom of darkness. However, it appears that if a Christian, especially a Christian who knows who they are in Christ speaks negatively, negative fruit is manifest. This, in large part is because the wicked one is waiting with bated breath to bring about this death in hopes  that the Christian will turn away from and curse God. However, when a New Creation speaks life to any situation, any facet of creation at all, whether it be to a tree or a bank account, the creation is obligated to respond exactly how it was spoken. 

    Over and over in the New Testament, we see things happening and we see things written like- “It happened thus that the scripture might be fulfilled…” Now, in context, most of the times that statement is made, it is referring to something that was prophesied in the Old Testament. However, I have one question…what is scripture? Scripture- simply put is the Word of God right? Well if we have Christ in us and God has written His word on our hearts, then when we speak the word of God - or rather words that line up with the will of God- are we speaking scripture? The answer is a resounding “Yes!!!!” We, as kings of God, when we speak the will of God whether it is a quote from the Bible or it is a fresh word that God gives us to speak in a particular instance, then we are speaking scripture and scripture MUST BE FULFILLED!!! That is why Proverbs 16:10 says that “A divine sentence is on the lips of the king; his mouth must not transgress in judgment.” There is so much power and authority in the mouth of a New Creation that God emphatically warns that the mouths thereof “MUST NOT” transgress in judgment. They “MUST NOT” speak against the will of God…period!! Why? because , they more than anyone have what they say and when they “transgress in judgment” they are manifesting evil by omitting the life from their speech!!

    Today, realize what you are speaking - speak life when you open your mouth. If you do not believe that the life that you speak will actually come to pass, then take some time to repent and dislodge the unbelief in your heart. Then, when you are ready, speak life wherever there is death and watch the creation fulfill scripture before your very eyes!!!

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