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Misery loves company

Proverbs 16:5

    “Everyone proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord; though they join forces, not will go unpunished. “

Pride is a word that we use flippantly in our society. We use it to describe how we feel about a report we have done, or a new car we have purchased, our child's athletic or academic accomplishments, etc. But to God- being proud in heart is an abomination. An Abomination is set apart as the “upper echelon” of the sin world- if you please. Pride is in the same category with homosexuality in terms of adjectives describing sin. Now, that is not to say that one sin is worse than another for the Word says that if you offend in one area, you are guilty of the whole law. {James 2:10}

    To examine the root cause of pride is to understand the reason that it repulses God. Pride is what the wicked one engaged in that first gave him the idea to become satan. {Isa 14:12-15}. Pride is essentially thinking that you are responsible for something on your own- that God provided nothing at all and thus the notion leads one to believe that they themselves can take the next and subsequent steps to further exalt their own lives. Of course none of us would be here without God, we would have nothing, we would be nothing and be able to do nothing. So to have the heart of man say that they themselves are their own God is putrid to God. It is essentially idol worship and the idol worshiped is self. 

    It is human nature to want those around us to agree with us because when they do, we feel secure in our decisions. This is the precise context of the second half of Proverbs 16:5. This is exactly the picture painted for us if we examine the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. Those people thought they were responsible for their own abilities and that they could be as high as God. They joined forces and were punished with the separation of one another. 

    Let your heart examine itself and inquires as to any pride that exists for it is better to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God than to be humbled externally. 

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