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Liar Liar

Proverbs 25:14

        “Whoever falsely boasts of giving dislike clouds and wind without rain.”

    Lately with all of the Covid-19 hype, Christians have said things that imply that they believe God has given this plague to mankind. I defy anyone to find a promise from Matthew 1 to Revelation 1 wherein God says that He will bring plagues on people to correct or teach them. This is not a promise made by God in the New Testament. What is a promise made over and over in the New Testament is that Jesus Christ has {past tense} healed all of our diseases {1 Peter 2:24 for example}. My first point is that God Himself says in Mark 3:25 that a house divided against itself cannot stand. So if God was casting out disease by the ruler of disease- the devil then He would be divided against Himself and His house and kingdom would fall. The answer is that God did not bring this plague on humanity, He brought healing to humanity. The reason that I have referenced the above verse in this discussion is because this simple little statement makes God’s heart transparent on how He feels about people going about saying they have done something benevolent and not having actually done what they profess to have done. How then could God expect His creation to maintain a standard that He Himself does not maintain? Answer? He can’t… God does what He expects us to do. He is kind so He expects us to be kind, He is generous, so He expects us to be generous, etc. 

    Think about what this verse is saying… I live in California, and every year we experience wildfires. The reason we do is because it stops raining in late spring here and it is a very dry climate. Now, if we, as a state were in the height of fire season and overhead came a huge thunderhead with accompanying wind, we would all become very hopeful for the reprieve and salvation act a good hard rainstorm would provide at that great time of need. However, should those clouds simply dissipate and not produce rain, our hearts would fall to a level lower than when they began. This is the same idea behind God only “promising” to heal but not actually providing healing. People make excuses for God… they start out believing that He “can” heal them or “will” heal them and then they don’t receive healing so they say stupid things like that it must not have been His will or that He was teaching them a lesson! The problem is that God is not healing people and He also won’t heal people! Why would I say such a thing? Because the truth is that He already has healed everyone for all time from any pain, disorder, disease, malfunction, etc. God isn’t “going” to do anything because He has already done it. He is not clouds and wind without rain- He is a downpour of blessings!!! God holds Himself to the highest standard and has done everything He has said He has done- all we have to do is believe Him!!!!!

In the same way that God does not and will not falsely boast of giving, we too should not falsely boast of giving. What does that mean? It means, in very practical terms that if we say we are going to do a certain thing then we must do that thing…period. Once our word is given, we must keep our word at all costs.

Going back to the clouds and wind without rain example, if every time clouds and wind began to build they would bring no rain, it wouldn’t be very long that people would fail to prepare for or expect the rain. They would in essence see the threat of rain as just a threat with no action- and thus consign it to be a hypocritical action. This is exactly how people view one another and God when they do not experience the results promised them. They see God as a hypocrite when they are told that He has given them something or wants to do something in their lives but they never experience it. They see humans as hypocrites for the same reasons- basically. Proverbs 25:14 is the simplest way to put this- anyone who boasts about doing something without actually having done it is a pointless waste of energy and is therefore hypocritical!!

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