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Jonah Trees

As I have already written about, {See WWW blog 19 May 2020- “Promises in the wilderness”} Gods provision for us when we are being disobedient still exists because He is a good and merciful God. This phenomenon that God has shown me throughout scripture is something I call the “Jonah Tree Effect.” The understanding for this concept is based upon Jonah 4:6-11. To make it brief, Jonah was called by God to Nineveh to preach the word to them so that they would all turn and be saved. Jonah did just about everything possible to get out of his mission and even tried to commit suicide by drowning!!! Finally and begrudgingly, Jonah gave in and went to Nineveh where he successfully completed his mission. Once all of the Ninevites had repented and were serving God, Jonah decided that he was going to camp up on a hill overlooking the city so that he could watch God destroy them for all of their wickedness. {This story has so much in it that could preach but I will restrict my comments to our particular subject matter}. Once settled up there, God grew a plant up to give Jonah shade comfort. Then the next day, a bug came and ate the plant so that there was no more shade. This plant is what I have deemed a “tree” simply because the exact etymology of the original Hebrew word is unknown. We know, however that it was big enough to grow above Jonah that he might receive shade from it- ie. a tree! At any rate, that is not the issue, the issue is that it always bothered me that God would grow this tree for Jonah and then the very next day send a bug to eat it. Then one day, the Lord told me why He did that. You see, Jonah was outside of the will of God at this point. God told him to go to Nineveh and to preach and the people would turn. He never told Jonah that He would then destroy the Ninevites or that Jonah should camp out and watch! Jonah did this on his own because he decided that he “knew” God and thus what God would do. He just decided to stay there without consulting God at all about the next steps. He was most definitely and clearly outside of the will of God….but, because of God’s goodness, He provided for Jonah even in his disobedience. This provision, however, was not meant to last because if it lasted then Jonah could have just stayed up there, outside of the will of God forever and never completed what God called him to elsewhere {again that’s another story for another time.} This is the nature of a Jonah Tree- we are called by God to do a certain thing or go to a certain place and we disobey Him and do what we want to do. We will see some provisions and blessings but usually they are just enough and not overflowing, and they end by unforeseen circumstances no matter how rooted and stable they seem to be. In my own life, I have experienced this many times, but here are two examples: There was a time when I was called by God to move out of Wyoming. He very clearly told me to move back to New Mexico. I decided it would be better for me and my children to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. So to Colorado I went. When I got there, I had three jobs and some other income that was residual, but no matter what I did, it was not enough. We had a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and that was it. We couldn’t even drive a little way down the road to go to a sporting event we wanted to see!! I was without question sitting under a Jonah tree. Finally, I yielded to God’s original plan and moved to New Mexico after 9 months. Once in New Mexico, I was able to enter Bible school, pay my bills and start digging out. The lord began blessing me supernaturally from every direction. 

    The second example goes like this: I was living in New Mexico and I felt the Lord stirring me to move. I knew that He was calling me to California, but I just thought that was impossible, so I went to Texas. Once in Texas, I found a job and a place to live. My husband got a great job almost immediately and things looked great. Well it only lasted a short time and every job that my husband received would lay him off for producing too much and every house we tried to live in - something would happen to it! It finally dawned on my lightning fast mind that I was under another Jonah Tree. Once I figured that out, immediately I started praying about it and at last my husband and I yielded and moved to California. It has been wonderful with supernatural provision from every direction since!! 

    So I ask you, is there something God has called you to do or somewhere He called you to be that you have ignored? Are you “barely making it” and does something always happen to your provisions? If so, you might be sitting under a Jonah Tree- if you are, repent, get up, and get going and watch God provide supernaturally every step of the way!!!!

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