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Is God ignoring me?

It is a common theme recently that God is silent. That when we ask Him a question, any question, that He is more often silent than not. Scripture dictates to us that Jesus is the express image of God {Hebrews 1:3} and that if we have seen Him, we have seen the Father {John 14:9}. Therefore, it is expedient for us to examine the life of Jesus during His first advent in order to ascertain the attitude, consistent activity, and responses of God the Father. 

    There are only three times in the Gospels when we see Jesus failing to answer a direct question. However, two of those times, Jesus does answer in an indirect and unexpected way. Although it is noteworthy that some, if not most, of Jesus’ responses are veiled and obscured by our natural minds. 

    First, when the woman with the demon possessed daughter comes to Jesus and begs Him to heal her daughter, He does not speak to her directly at first {Matthew 15:21-28}. Instead, He speaks to His disciples to correct their racist attitudes. Why does He respond in such and insolent manner and then proceed to heal her daughter anyway? Because the disciples had to understand that God is no respecter of persons and that His gifts are free to everyone regardless of blood. Incidentally  the disciples believed not just that the woman was unworthy of God’s blessing because of her nationality, but that it was her nationality that caused her to be a sinner and that is what would keep her from the blessings of God. As well, she had to know, in the face of attack that her faith in the love of Christ is the only thing that qualified her to receive her answer. In this way, the Lord would have us understand that when we ask  Him for something, the wicked one will sometimes plant thoughts or even use people around us to cast doubt and convinces us that we are not worthy. It is in this moment that we must resist these and express to God, ourselves, and the enemy that we know we are not qualified but we know who our master is and that His love covers the multitude of our sin!!!

    Second, there was a woman (and a man I dare say) caught in the act of adultery. The woman was brought before our Lord by the elders of Israel for sentencing. When presented with questions of this sentence, our Lord was silent as He stooped to write in the dirt. He remained silent for the duration of their accurate accusations against the woman, yet what He carved in the dirt was used by the Holy Spirit to convict the hearts of those accusers. Although we have no knowledge of what was written, it is my heart that what He wrote was the very law that the accusers  themselves had broken. Leviticus 20:10 states plainly that both parties are to be brought and stoned. These accusers, these “law abiders” had broken the law in order to capture Jesus and stone Him. This is another tactic of the wicked one. If we sin and the accuser comes, as he does, the Lord, our God brings the truth of what the Word actually says and writes it on our behalf in our hearts and in the face of the accuser of the brethren. In this way, God is our defender. The accusations may come through our thoughts or through the mouths of those around us because these are the only two avenues the wicked one has access to. In such a situation, it is prudent to receive what the Lord has said about us, “Neither do I accuse you, go and sin no more” For by the time we speak this over ourselves, our enemy has already fled in fear of the Mighty Lord of Hosts. 

    The third time the Lord Jesus fails to verbally respond is specific to His purpose alone. When He was taken into custody to be accused and crucified, He opened not His mouth {Acts 8:32}. This situation was very specifically for the Messiah alone as it was spoken by the prophets. It is not for us. In this, we can rightfully conclude that Jesus only failed to respond when instructed by the heart of His Father one time. 

    As for the lesson for us, when we are brought before the synagogue and accused, we are not to prepare beforehand what we will say, but the Holy Spirit will give us what we should say in that selfsame hour {Luke 12:12} We will speak wisdom that our enemies cannot resist nor contradict {Luke 21:15}

      The final analysis of our study is that when asked, the Lord responds at all times. However, we must be absolutely aware of His voice and His responses even though they may not present themselves as we might expect. He always responds because it is He who works in us both to will and to do for His good pleasure {Philippians 2:13} so even our asking Him or speaking to Him is His desire for us so that He may respond. He is provoking us to seek Him so why would He ignore us?

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