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Idol Worship

Jeremiah 2:26-27 

"As the thief is ashamed when he is found out, so is the house of Israel ashamed, They and their kings and their princes, and their priests and their prophets, saying to a tree, 'You are my father.' And to a stone, 'You gave birth to me.'"

     God is pointing out to me that unbelief in Him or anything He has promised can manifest in some of the simplest ways. This unbelief will cause the sensitive heart to be aware that it is ashamed for not fully trusting God. Then instead of just confessing the unbelief to God and asking for help in believing Him,  another "god” will be allowed to take His place because the natural mind cannot stand the thought that it bears accountability in the situation. 

     Principally, God was speaking about manifesting divine health. He pointed out that if a one continually looks to medication and doctors to heal himself then the modern medicine has become a god to that one; and in that instance, it is god over the one true God. Therefore, that one will experience the slightest tinge of shame and emotional discomfort because they are out of the perfect will of God. This will then cause them to avow themselves to the modern medicine as the only thing that can help them in this area. 

     I have not only experienced this in my life personally, but I have a story that I was a part of that illustrates the point perfectly. I have a horse that was so lamed by an abundance of abscesses that the vet told me I would have to have surgery performed or euthanize the animal. I had a friend who claimed not only to be a Christian but a preacher. He said that he believed I needed a second opinion. So, I had an appointment with another vet that my friend was included in. This new vet echoed the sentiments and prognosis of the first vet. I had already prayed over my horse and was believing God for her perfect healing and restoration so when the second vet gave me the solutions recommended, I basically rebuked him and said that all of those things would not be necessary because God already had the situation. The friend of mine then said one of the absolute most foolish things a human could say. He said that he believed God "could heal her but that He would need a little help with this one!" Of course the Lord healed her perfectly with no surgery and she lives to this day, but this story is a poignant representation of how we can have for ourselves other gods than The God.

     In like manner, humans tend to do this with finances. If one were to initiate an exhaustive inventory of their true beliefs about their financial sustainability, the blatant truth would emerge. That being that most people believe that it is only via a profession that one might obtain finances and therefore said profession, maintenance and procurement thereof must protected at all costs. Jesus stated it in Matthew 6:25-34 that it is the sole aim of the Gentiles to spend their lives building where they will live, what they will eat and what they will wear. However, this activity consumes the mind and time of the human and becomes a “god” to them. Instead, The one true God wishes to manage these things for His children in order that their time may be spent with Him, in enjoyment and peace. 

     It seems so small, so insignificant a thing to trust in something as long as that something is tangible to our five senses. It is difficult for the natural man to trust God not because God is untrustworthy or that He has never manifested His provision on our behalf …. but because we ourselves like to be our own god. No human with even a naturally sound mind would seriously believe that idols such as trees, rocks, celestial bodies, etc. created him nor has any ability to help in time off need, however these created things will be labeled as gods to people who really wish to hide behind them so that the people can be their own gods! 

    People really want to be their own god, their own idol. They want to survey their lives and say that they have accomplished this or that. Or, on the contrary, when they survey their lives and find them wanting, they wish to blame some inanimate object or circumstance for the fault-after all, failure cannot be upon one’s own shoulders! Therefore, idol worship, when boiled down to its lowest common denominator is self-worship- nothing more… and the self is an idol that always fails.

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