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I would do anything for love...but I won't do that!

John 5:19

“Then Jesus answered and said to them, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner.”

As a Christian in the twenty-first century, we sometimes allow ourselves to disbelieve God. He has told us that we have the mind of Christ, that we are to live Holy, that we are to raise the dead and heal the sick, etc. When it comes to walking these commands out, we give ourselves permission statements as to why we cannot possibly do what God told us to do. In particular, one excuse that is common among the church is that Jesus did all of those things but we are not Jesus. Should we find our flesh arguing against the truth of God’s will in this way, it is essential that we first remember and then speak the two following truths. 

One, as He is, so are we in this world {1 John 4:17} and two, Jesus Himself was incapable of accomplishing anything apart from the Father. There are two commands in the New Testament that almost no-one recognizes as really the only two commands given to New Testament believers. They are found in 1 John 3:23:

  “And this is His commandment, that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another, as He gave us commandment.”

The concept of believing on the name of Jesus goes beyond salvation. It includes salvation of course but encompasses everything that Jesus said about us and toward us. If Jesus {the word of God} said we are something, we are that thing, if He said we have something, we have that thing, if He said we can do a thing, we can do that thing. This is what is meant by believing on the name of the Son of God. Therefore, when God, through Jesus, His Word told us to go about and make disciples of all nations, to preach the gospel, and be ready in season and out of season, etc. and we rebel against God stating that we “can’t do that” then we lie against the truth and must speak out of our mouths that we are as Jesus was in this world and that because He could do nothing without the Father, neither can we but praise God- we are NEVER without the Father!!! God always tells us what He wants us to do because He is the one who is going to accomplish His will through us. 

Amos 3:3 (a) says:

 “Can two walk together unless they are agreed?”


Amos 3:7 says 

 “Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”

These verses prove to us beyond all doubt that God wants us to be in agreement with Him. How can we agree with Him unless He tells us what He is doing? But you are not in the office of prophet you say? Well neither am I, however, look what God says again in Amos 3:8 (b):

  “The Lord God has spoken! Who can BUT prophesy?”

It is in our spiritual DNA to prophesy- because all that prophecy means for all intents and purposes is to say what God says!

Therefore, when God told you, me, or any believer to go out and do a thing, we absolutely must remind ourselves- out loud- that we are as Jesus is in this world and since Jesus relied on God to accomplish anything, we too must rely on God to accomplish anything. We must further do what Jesus did in order to bring those things about- actually step out on those things which we say we believe- that we can lay hands on the sick, that we can speak with new tongues, that we can raise the dead and cast out demons….. We must continue in His word - the word He has written down for us and any new Word that is situation specific that He reveals to us so that we may be His disciples “in His deeds!” To say that we love God or Jesus and not do what they have told us or do tell us means that we really do not love them but are deceiving ourselves.

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