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Hearing ahead of time

Hearing ahead of time

John 14:29

    “And now I have told you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe.”

Romans 10:17-

    “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing {comes} by the word of Christ.” (Actual translation) 

Volumes have been written and a multitude of words preached on how to hear {and ultimately recognize so that you move on} the voice of God. However, the answer for mastering this action lies in John 14:29 and Romans 10:17.

We must first hear the Word. Then faith comes. Then we understand “how” to hear Christ more and more.

How do we “hear” the Word? Jesus speaks it to our hearts. This might happen through our own mouths or through the mouths of others. It might also present as hearing in our hearts without actual physical articulation. How do we know, once we have heard, that it was Christ who spoke to us? Because it will come to pass!!! Once we recognize this voice or hearing coming to us a few times and seeing whatever was spoken come to pass, then we gain the ability to hear and with that ability it is expected that we will act on what we hear. A word of caution, We must always weigh the content of what we hear against the heart of God as presented to us in His written word. If the heart is the same, if it squares with what we know to be true of God from His word then, we can be sure it is from God. This is the key- we hear, then we see, then we act!!! 

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