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Hamas and the Psalm 83 War

The recent flare up between Israel and Hamas has many Christians questioning if this could signal the beginning of end times events prophesied in Scripture.

I have extensively studied this issue and, while I don't believe the current clashes represent the final biblical battles, I do think they will ultimately help set the stage. Allow me to explain.

Psalm 83 contains a prophetic word about Israel's surrounding enemies conspiring together to "cut them off from being a nation." Verses 6-8 list groups like the "tents of Edom" and inhabitants of Tyre. I believe this points to present day peoples and locations.

For example, the founder of Hamas - a Palestinian group sworn to Israel's destruction - penned an alarming charter in 1988. It echoes the Psalm's warning foretelling Muslims hiding Jews behind trees and stones during end times scenarios.

The players talked about in Psalm 83 perfectly parallel current events. You have Palestinians, descendants of Lot and Ishmael, Jordanians, Lebanese, Iranians and Syrians - all peoples surrounding and opposed to Israel today.

The prophecy indicates they will form a confederacy and attack. I believe we're in the early stages where plans are being laid through escalating rhetoric and isolated attacks. As Christians we must defend Israel's right to protect herself even as we pray for God's mercy in the region.

While tensions may die down, the events align with Scripture indicating we're drawing close to the climax of the age. I'll be unpacking more prophecies in coming broadcasts as we navigate these sobering times.

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