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Forsaking Life

Proverbs 28:4

“Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but such as keep the law contend with them.” {NKJV}

The Septuagint translates this verse thusly:

  “So they that forsake the law praise ungodliness; but they that love the law fortify themselves with a wall.”

The word “forsake” in the KJV is the Hebrew Word #5800 “azab”- It means to leave off, to forsake, to cease, to neglect or to abandon. What strikes me about this verse is that the action is not overtly wicked. It is conspicuous that those who forsake the law are not overtly or purposefully breaking the law, neither are they openly telling the wicked that they themselves agree with the actions, opinions and mindsets of the wicked. Thereby, it is tolerable to the mind of those who forsake the law to simply “walk away” from maintaining the book of the teaching… after all they are not “doing” or “saying” anything against God or His teaching. This is evil in one of its most insidious forms. It is a stealthily creeping thing to imply that complacency is not apparent  sin. Most “normal” people would say that departing from keeping the book of the teaching would be acceptable if it was “wisdom”. Just now, we in America, are in a state of absolute panic. There has been released in our population, and not only ours but the population of the world a virus. This virus, it is said is a pandemic and it has been reported by the liberal left that this situation is the beginning of the end. Due to this situation, every government in the world has placed population control dictates on their people- restricting their movement and especially their meeting together. The church by and large has responded by obeying! They have stopped church services; they have halted Bible studies and any kind of meetings. Every church body that I know of save one has done this instead of standing up and fighting this disease with the Blood of Jesus Christ. They have behaved in this way under the guise of acting in “wisdom” - This is praising the wicked although they are not openly praising the wicked. 

    Further, the counterparts, like the church I mentioned, are in active contentions. With whom do they contend? I believe that those who retain the book of the teaching are in contention with both the wicked and those who have forsaken the book of the teaching. I believe this because this is my current experience. I find myself opposed to the liberal left who are manifesting fear as they manifest breath in their lungs and the church at large. I can say that I am actively contending with both sides because they are aligned with one another no matter how they identify themselves. On the one hand we have the wicked who do not acknowledge God who have sequestered themselves out of fear of obtaining this virus. On the other hand we have the church at large who have also sequestered themselves out of fear of arrest by local authorities. Both groups are at once manifesting a fear of man, and a fear of death. They would rather receive the praise of men and not the praise of God. In this way they are the same and they illicit contention from the Spirt of the Lord in me! 

    In conclusion, it is not enough not to sin intentionally because even becoming complacent with what the Lord has instructed is enough to sympathize with the wicked. 

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