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Does sin really exist?

John 15:22

“If I had not come and spoken to them, they would have no sin, but now they have no excuse for their sin. ”

    This passage illuminates one major point, that sin does not exist unless it is pointed out by the Word of God. This is so powerful, so impactful that we cannot allow this to pass us by. People have always done and will always do whatever they want to because the hearts of man {without God} are desperately wicked. It is the goodness of God, His holy perfection that makes sin look like sin. Even when people try to “be good people” they are never good enough compared to a Holy God. That is why Jesus said what He did above…. He was saying that the religious leaders would have gone on sinning which would bring death upon themselves unless He came and told them that they were sinning….for they did not know that they were sinning and in fact they were not. The verse very clearly states that if the Word of God {Jesus} wouldn’t have spoken to them then they would have no sin. Evil can only exist in comparison to good- otherwise there is no standard with which to measure evil. 

    Jesus takes His profound statement further by stating that because He brought their sin to their attention, they now have no excuse for it… they are responsible for acknowledging their sin and repenting from it. This is so important for us today because this is essentially how someone enters the kingdom, and it is how we, as believers continue to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. As believers many times we go about just doing what we want to and then we read something in the word, or we hear a message, or God Himself speaks to us about something that we do that goes against the heart of God. At this point we have a choice- but we have no excuse. We can choose to agree with God, humble ourselves and repent -or- we can choose pride and continue in our sin. What we cannot do is give God any good reason that we remained in our sin after we found out it grieved God. Praise God though that He is so loving, kind, patient, wonderful that when we find ourselves in relationship with Him, he does not point out and expect us to resolve everything that is wrong in our lives… no He takes His time, helping us with each issue one by one. What a mighty and wonderful God we serve. 

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