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Do you have any rich friends?

Proverbs 19:4- “Wealth makes many friends, but the poor is separated from his friend.”

    We all know of people, celebrities maybe, or our own family members who have plenty of money. It doesn’t seem to matter much what their personality is like, the fact that they have money keeps people around them. I have someone close to me who does not know the Lord at all. This person has been called a “Gold Digger” and has been known to breakup marriages to this end. I have spoken to them about the Lord and try my best to keep as separate as possible while still offering a living example of Jesus to them. However, because of another promise of God - The wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous- This person blesses me with many things very often and is the best example that I can think of when I try to articulate the meaning of Proverbs 19:4…..This person has nothing that is outwardly appealing that would draw people to them - except their money. Very often they are surrounded with sales people or people who do not agree with anything this person says or does, yet they pretend to in order to receive monetary favor from them. 

    On the opposing side, there are those whom we all know who never have any money. Likewise they might be in our families or in our circle of friends. These poor people cannot seem to make a correct decision with respect to money no matter what they do. They always need money or help financially in some way. Their family members and friends begin to avoid them for a few reasons. First, they generally speak of their need constantly and that will become wearisome to the hearer. Second, the family/friends will occasionally be faced with a situation in which they have to redeem the person out of a financial situation or need. Third, the poor person, having been assisted with their troubles in the past, will begin to choose this avenue as a means of relief instead working better decision-making processes. 

    Blatantly, no one in these scenarios believes that God is their source. The wealthy is convinced it is their own cunning that provides for them. Those who are their friends {at least in appearance} are waiting for crumbs from their table, and the poor exploits the natural love from those close to them for their provisions. 

As believers in Christ Jesus, we are not to elevate the amount of favor we exhibit toward wealthy people nor are we to avoid poor people. We are to be consistent in our love for all people. That, of course, may manifest differently based on a person’s practical and spiritual needs but we must not let someone’s financial state affect our actionable love for them. 

    This verse is presented as well as a spiritual truth that directs the natural order of things. Let us examine it from this perspective. 

    The truth that wealth makes many friends is a precept that the Lord wishes to employ to fill His kingdom. He desires that His children rely solely on Him and His direction to gain wealth- as it is written “the Lord has given {us} the power to get wealth so that He may establish the covenant which He swore to our fathers.”- Deuteronomy 8:18. God wants His people to use their wealth as a tool for the Kingdom. Those that are called the “friends of the wealthy”, God wants to draw them to Himself by directing their understanding to the fact that it is He who has provided wealth to their “friends”. As well, God wishes to be the source for direction and provision for the “poor” for exactly the same reasons. 

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