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Created for miracles

    Isaiah 8:18

        “Here am I and the children whom the Lord has given me! We are for signs and wonders in Israel from the lord of hosts. Who dwells in Mount Zion.” 

This verse of course was written by Isaiah, but it is a foreshadowing and a prophetic indication of Jesus Christ for in John 17: 11-16 our Lord makes it clear that He is the one to whom God has given the “children” of God. Once this understanding is established, then we can summarily extract the meat from this verse. We can read it thusly:

    “Here I am {Jesus the Messiah} and the children {of God} whom the Lord has given me. We are for signs and wonders in Israel {God’s people} from the Lord of Hosts. Who dwells in Mount Zion.”

    The reason I have exaggerated the word “for” here is because this verse shows us one of our purposes as children of God. We are a gift from God to the world and we are made specifically for signs and wonders to be performed through. We are to be living examples through whom miracles flow in order that the world might see our good works, glorify our Father in heaven and turn from darkness unto light. The problem is; however, we do not usually believe this truth. The reason we don’t believe it is because we have not been taught that we were reborn for this purpose {Among other purposes too of course}. The word says in Mark 16:17 that "these signs will follow those who believe…” So then I ask you, are you an unbelieving believer? You will know if you are if you have never manifested any signs and wonders. 

    To dig deeper and approach this more esoterically, we can see that several times in the Gospel stories do we see people coming to Jesus and getting healed or delivered without changing anything else about their activities or lives. Meaning that they continued doing the same things and thinking the same things they had always done and thought but in one instance they said and acted upon a belief system they built in their own hearts. The woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5 said in her heart “ if only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.” and in Matthew 9:28, Jesus asked two blind men if they “believed” He was able to give them their sight back. When they said yes, Jesus said “ be it unto you as you have believed.” You see in both of those cases; the signs followed the believer…. who were the recipients of the miracle and not necessarily Jesus- even though Jesus believed too. 

    The main point is beloved that we new creatures are created to manifest signs and wonders, but we do not allow ourselves to believe that we are created this way and we wind up struggling and striving in unbelief so much that little or no fruit is ever born of this word. Therefore I say unto you do not be unbelieving but believing, for you were made for this! 

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