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Confirming the word

Mark 16:20

  “And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen.”

At the conclusion of the gospel of Mark there is this unique and beautiful verse that opens the curtain to understanding more about how miracles work. Here, the language is plain and direct, the disciples went everywhere and preached, and God went with them and showed what they were saying to be true by manifesting the “accompanying signs.” I call your attention to these two truths; first, that they disciples did NOT go everywhere performing miracles {that is not to say that miracles did not occur} and second, that there were specific signs that manifested that coincided with the word preached. 

    I point this out in order to inform your heart and mind that God is the same today as He was then. He has chosen to submit His actions in this world to direct correlation to the words spoken by His saints. Meaning that whatever the saints say is what manifests and without speaking forth, nothing occurs. It may seem a radical idea to conceptualize the God of creation being directed by His creation but that is, nevertheless, the case. Isaiah 44:26 says {speaking of the Holy One} “Who confirms the word of His servant and performs the counsel of His messengers.”  and Isaiah 45:11 says “…Ask Me of things to come concerning my sons; and concerning the work of My hands, you command Me.” God actually directs us to command the work of His hands!! This is mind boggling to say the least yet is but too true. For example, if there is a rally wherein the message is salvation, then many at that rally will be saved, which is a manifestation of what was preached. This is a perfect picture of God confirming the words of His saints through the accompanying signs. This concept is true with any promise found in the word of God. 

    The end of the matter is this, that we, as saints of the Living God go about our lives and we preach the word. We preach the word to our family, our friends, our co-workers, strangers and even ourselves and what we preach will manifest because God is there, working with us, confirming the word preached through the accompanying signs!

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