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A talented nation

Matthew 25:14-15:

  “For {the kingdom of heaven is} like a man traveling to a far country, {who} called his own servants and delivered his goods to them. And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his ownability; and immediately he went on a journey.”

This is the parable of the servants and the talents and is similar to the parable our Lord spoke about the servants and the mina’s in Luke 19:11-27. Both of them have been used to prompt believers into “working” for the kingdom of heaven, ie… not wasting their “talents” owing to the result of the last servant in both parables. This is a perfect and profound application for these parables; however, I would like to point out one small misunderstanding that will make a large difference in our understanding. Here in our study verses, we can see that the man gave “his goods” to his servants. These “goods” are also called “talents” in the story. This is accepted. However, I have taught, and I believe it has been repeated in many pulpits that according to verse 15, the man gave talents to the servants according to the servant's ability. I believe, however, that the Lord has shown me this is incorrect. The man is the clear subject of these two sentences according to the rules of the English language. Thus, at the end of verse 25 when Scripture says that the man gave “to each one according to his own ability”  The “his own” refers to the man’s abilities  and not to each servant’s ability. This understanding makes not only the verse more accurate but makes the entirety of the parable a perfect shadow picture of what God has done with His servants- us. 

        Our Heavenly Father delivered to us His talents because with God, all things are possible! He has given us of Himself so that we can conduct business in this earth realm. This “business” is known as discipleship. We are to be discipled and we are to disciple. We are to deliver to the body of Christ the “talents” we have been given and we are to receive from other members what they have been given so that everyone has. One of the problems with the “wicked servant” is that he took what was his masters and did nothing with it because he either didn’t feel worthy of being a steward or he wanted to prove that if his master wanted something done, he would do it himself. The master called him wicked because he did not allow himself to be and do what his master told him what he was and what he could do. He decided that he knew better than his master and was attempting to prove it. This is rebellion and rebellion is as witchcraft. 

    Beloved, the gifts and the talents that you have are not yours, they are His and you must gain more and give out what you have by actively engaging in discipleship. Don’t be so wicked as to think that if God wants someone saved or to know how to do something then He will do it Himself and you have no part in it. 

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