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          The Holy Spirit is God just as much as Jesus and God are God. Although He has a different function in the church age. He was sent by God down to Earth for all mankind after Jesus ascended to Heaven after He was resurrected. The reason that God sent His Holy Spirit is so that we can carry on where Jesus left off His Earthly, physical ministry. We have to have power - miracle working power to do that! When Jesus and God come and make their home inside a Christian, then the Holy Spirit is there too, but often, Christians don't let the Holy Spirit do anything through them. This is not what God wants but He is a gentleman so He won't do anything in your life or through your life that you don't want Him to. That is why we have to ask Jesus to baptize us with the Holy Spirit. When we do that, we are basically saying to God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit that we want to do what Jesus did... heal the sick, raise the dead, prophecy, etc. There are two reasons that people don't believe this is truly what God wills and what He says. The first is because they think God doesn't heal anymore so why would we need the ability to heal? Well God healed before Jesus came and He healed after He left and God says that He doesn't;t change- He is the same today as He always was and He is going to be the same way forever. He also said that He doesn't care about one person more than another person so what He did for someone else, He will do for anyone of His children who ask. Matthew 7:11 and Luke 11:13 say this. 

In Acts chapter two, all of the disciples {except Judas} were in Jerusalem on the second floor of this house and they were praying and talking about Jesus- there were other people there too. Then all of a sudden they all started speaking other languages. The people who were out in the street {it was about 9 am} heard all of them talking and, even though the people who heard them were from all around the world, they all understood what the people in the room were saying. They were saying how great God was! Well the people in the room heard each other talking but no-one could understand anyone else so some of them who weren't talking thought that somehow everyone who was speaking in another language was drunk! They weren't drunk, they had all just been baptized with the Holy Spirit. Jesus had told them this would happen and so did an Old Prophet named Joel. {Acts 1:4 & Joel 2:28-29}. Peter- who was explaining what happened that day told them that anyone who the Lord would call to salvation could be baptized with the Holy Spirit. {Acts 2:39} So if you want to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and do the things that Jesus and the disciples did, then all you have to do is ask Jesus to baptize you with the Holy Spirit. You will then receive the power you need to do those things. You will also have the ability to pray to God in a language that not you, the devil, or anyone else can understand so that you get all sorts of amazing wisdom, understanding and encouragement from God. This is called speaking in tongues. It is not hard and it is up to you when you do it. The Holy Spirit will let you take the leased!If you have any questions, please hit up in the contact section below and we can talk about it. Remember I love you and Jesus loves you!

The Baptism with the Holy Spirit

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