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What can we learn from small creatures?

 Proverbs 30:24- 28

      "24 There are four [things which] are little on the earth, But they [are] exceedingly wise: 25 The ants [are] a people not strong, Yet they prepare their food in the summer; 26 The rock badgers are a feeble folk, Yet they make their homes in the crags; 27 The locusts have no king, Yet they all advance in ranks; 28 The spider skillfully grasps with its hands, And it is in kings' palaces."

      Wisdom gleaned:

                1. Preparation is vital and must be done when the opportunity is present

                2. Courage to live in a violent and dangerous environment is more loving than to sequester oneself

                3. Unity, cooperation, and submission to those who share the same station in life with oneself are the keys to advancement, safety, and victory in matters of conquest.

                4. To use one’s talent that is God given is the key to successful interactions with influential people.

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