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To do is better than to say

Psalm 138:2{b}-

    “For You have magnified Your word above all Your name.

            There are two primary and profound revelations in this verse. First, the Lord has magnified His word above all His name. That means that His greater desire is for men to see or observe His works before they know His name. For it is in observation of the works of God - what His word has created- that man will long to become intimately connected with their creator and thus will learn His name. As well, it is written that the name of Jesus is the name above all names {Philippians 2:9} and this would seem to contradict Psalm 138:2 wherein it is assumed that the name of Jesus is higher than the word of God. That opinion is flawed mainly because humans see the Word of God as the physical Bible. They must remember that the Word of God, incarnate is Jesus the Christ. Thus, what is written in Psalm 138 is pure truth, God has made bigger His word than His name in order that His love might not just be spoken or written, but manifest to the hearts and societies of men. Jesus, the manifest Word of God is magnified above all else!

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