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Mark 16:20

    “And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word through the accompanying signs."

  The Lord, He is God and He does not need us to believe that He is God in order to actually be God. Our preaching His word or spreading the gospel, manifesting the kingdom and its promises has no bearing on God being God. To that end, it can be questioned then, why wouldn’t God just manifest His will without the involvement of human activity? 

    This is a profound question and yet it is answered simply- although God does not need human involvement, He certainly wants human involvement. He is so wonderful, so loving, and so interested in us that He wants us involved in His plans and activities. This is exactly what we see taking place in our study verse; Mark 16:20. The Lord instructed the disciples what to do, they went out and did it and the Lord showed up. Notice that the Lord confirmed the word as opposed to confirming the people themselves. This may seem like an insignificant splitting of hairs, but it is essential for understanding why some things we say and do in the name of the Lord do not manifest and some do. 

    The Lord is no respecter of persons and as such cannot treat one person differently than another. Therefore, He cannot “confirm” a person who preaches the Word because of the meaning of the word “Confirm”. This is a Greek word that means to make secure or establish. Everyone who has received Jesus as their savior and lord is already secure and established in Him! Thus, God confirms the word- or makes secure and establishes His Word. He establishes and makes secure His Word in the hearts and minds of men for it is already secure and established in Heaven and is beyond contestation. Therefore, it is concluded that in the hearts and lives of men, the Word of God must be made secure and established. 

    Notice further that God makes secure and establishes His Word in men’s hearts through accompanying signs. Owing to this notion, we have illumination as to why certain Christian denominations fall away from trusting in the Word of God as their source no matter the circumstance. For it is they who will not to believe that God heals, brings peace, resurrects from the dead, solves financial difficulties, etc. They will not to believe this and thus the Word of God cannot be made secure or established in their hearts. 

    Let it not be so among you, allow the Lord to make secure and establish the Word in your lives and hearts by expecting, receiving and acknowledging the accompanying signs. For it is only through this security of the Word in your heart that you will learn to rely solely on the Lord your God as your source for all of your needs. 

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