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Hiding out

Proverbs 27:12

    “A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself; the simple pass on and are punished”

            If you are reading this, then it is assumed that you are a Christ disciple. If not- then please become one. To those of you who have already made that decision, look at this verse as a profound explanation for what some, if not all of you are experiencing currently. What do I mean? 

    Let us examine this simple verse to discover ourselves. The term “prudent man” refers not only to a Christ follower, but a Christ follower who is one in deed and not merely in word. To be prudent is to actively do what is right- not just talk about doing what is right. It is to these people, these who will move when moved upon by the Lord that the visions of evil will come. That is to say that in the current state of affairs, the visions, warnings and perceptions of the prudent will be increased in order to warn against evil situations quickly descending upon our world. 

    I have, at times taken up the study of World War II and one of the questions that has occurred to me over and over, is “why didn’t the Jews all flee Europe before they were restricted from doing so?” The answer that rises in my spirit always is that those who did not, did not have a revelation of their impending doom. They were, in large part, reasoning out that Hitler and the Nazi’s couldn’t actually remain in power- that they would be put down by some branch of authority somewhere, sometime. They reasoned that the lunacy of a nation could not actually happen. Their reason (and sometimes their pride) is what killed them. 

    To “foresee” is a Hebrew word that means to have a vision of or to be shown. The Lord says in Joel 2:28-32 and again in Acts 2:17-18 that in the last days God will pour out His spirit on all flesh and that the young shall prophecy and see visions and that the old shall dream dreams. God has given these gifts to the prudent- those who will act upon them in the old testament and He has given them to anyone who will receive them in the new. We are in the New Testament and God is warning us. If you have been perceiving the Holy Spirit’s provocations to do things, if you have seen visions or had dreams of the wickedness to come- do not discount the Lord but act with prudence and move on those warnings immediately! 

    The term “pass on” as it is used in Proverbs 27:12 when referring to the simple indicates one who moves because they have “an open mind”. This is precisely what some of the slaughtered Jews of Nazi dominated Europe did. They “kept an open mind” because they did not really want to believe that someone as evil and full of hate as Hitler - who presented himself thusly in “Mein Kampf” - would be allowed to mandate or enforce laws that were so obviously unhinged. In these situations, an open mind- one that allows their natural mind to rule instead of the mind of the Spirit- will be the downfall of many elect. Do not let that be you….. if you have a vision, a dream, a perception heed the warnings therein. If you don’t, ask God for one and be prudent enough to recognize it and then act accordingly. 

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