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Heed social cues

Proverbs 27:14

  “He who blesses his friend with a lord voice, rising early in the morning, it will be counted a curse to him.”

            The word states in Galatians 3:13-14 that Jesus Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us so that the blessing of Abraham could come upon us. Therefore, no curse can stay on a Christian unless that Christian doesn’t know any better and accepts it. That being said, what then is the practical application of our study verse? 

    This verse is practical indeed because the depth of this verse can be valued almost superficially. Essentially, the verse states that even if someone says the right thing, if they do so at the wrong time, with the wrong tone, it will be counted a curse to them. If you are just waking up and a neighbor or family loudly yells “Good morning- have a blessed day” it is highly likely that they will be met with a grunt instead of a smile. The reason is that you were not in the state of mind nor the proper situational timing to respond appropriately to their greeting. The natural mind will discount the value of the content of what was said in favor of a disgruntled resentment of their oblivion to the situation. It is then further probable that you will have a sour attitude that lasts into your day based on their disrespect. God forbid they continually do this day after day; for if they did, you would go to extreme measures to avoid them until one day you lost your temper and spoke harshly to them. 

    The main point is that it is obvious that someone who behaves this way, no matter how right their words may be, is unable to respect social cues or personal needs thus placing themselves in a position to receive contempt. The contempt that they receive because they do not value the other person they will impede their ability to minister more blessings to that person. It will cause hard heartedness in the recipient of the blessing to the point that no matter what the friend says they will be met with disdain. Thus stifling all progress in the word of God. 

    In short, knowing that our natural man can, at times exhibit both disregard for the life of another and become easily contemptible, it is our responsibility to understand and acknowledge this fault in order to guard against it. 

    We know that we sometimes ourselves disregard the state of another person when we are attempting to “bless them” by what we say. This disregard avails nothing in favor of growth to the kingdom. We also know that we tend to run from and grumble toward anyone who disregards our state ad yet insists on forcing their agenda upon us. Both are a ploy of the wicked one and thus both are wicked. That is why it is said that it will be counted a curse. The wicked one will not be allowed to enforce a curse on a Christian as such, but people can enforce curses upon other people by the way they treat one another- this is of the wicked one and must be halted. 

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