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God knows my heart

        Lately I have seen Christians turn from their faith and buckle under the weight of the laws set forth by the leaders in this country. I have seen leaders say that churches were not essential business’s, so they had to close, and that it was illegal for more than ten people to be in a church at a time- or even more than two in a home that were not family. The most outrageous thing I have seen is one governor state that it is illegal for people to sing in church during worship service. As I have pondered these things in my heart the last few months, I have watched as seemingly strong pockets of the body of Christ crumbled in fear. They feared the virus; they feared the government…. but they didn’t seem to have much fear for God. Immediately when I began to meditate and settle my thoughts here, the Lord showed me that He knows their hearts. This may, upon initial reading appear comforting as a statement —but it is not. 

    For years I have heart Christians excuse themselves from not doing what God called them to do under the blanket statement that “God knows my heart.” Sometimes, these Christians really were not in a position where they could obey God. For example, I knew a man once who wanted to start tithing but he was in such financial difficulty that he had no choice but to pay his bills down first or he wouldn’t have survived because his faith was not where it needed to be in order for him to believe God for supernatural provision. Once he had a bit of room in his finances, he began paying tithes and has ever since. He is a millionaire today because God did know his heart and his heart was upright in this area toward the Lord.

    However, I do not believe this is the case for the majority of those who have succumbed to the Covid-19 plandemic. I believe these people are truly afraid. I believe that there are way too many who have given up on God and are running from this microscopic devil and the threats breathed by satan through the mouths of politicians. For instance, I know of a church that I have personally attended. When the plandemic hit, they stated that they would remain open while it was still “legal” for them to do so. This church claims to manifest the supernatural power of God in signs and wonders. They said they believed in healing and prosperity, grace, joy, peace, prophecy, raising from the dead, etc. However, when the law was that no more than ten people could gather, they shut their doors. They did not even wait for the two together rule. Then when the president demanded churches open, they stated publicly via social media that they would open but if anyone wanted to come who felt sick they were not welcome at the church!!!!!! They seriously didn’t want sick people going to the church for the fear of spreading the virus. This is the exact opposite reaction to what they should have had. To say the Lord knows their hearts is absolutely true and in this case He knows their hearts were full of fear and not faith!!! 

    In conclusion, when you are challenged to go against the norm in some way, make sure that whatever you do, your heart is in complete agreement with the will of God even if you cannot walk it out at that time because——God knows your heart!

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